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Reduced environmental contributions on raw materials

EMILIANA IMBALLAGGI would like to inform all its customers that legally mandated environmental contributions on raw materials such as wood, paper and plastic purchased by packaging users have been reduced. This change, which was decided by CONAI, became effective on 1 January 2023. These environmental contributions are intended to guarantee resources for recovering and recycling packaging waste throughout the country.

In our case, the contribution for wooden packaging, for which the supply chain consortium Rilegno is responsible, has decreased from 9 to 8 euros per tonne. As stated by CONAI, this change is due to the positive balance sheet of the RILEGNO Consortium.

Today, there are general increases in all sectors and production costs continue to rise for all Italian companies,’ says CONAI president Luca Ruini. ‘Although the economic and market situation is critical, a private consortium that strives to achieve public goals is able to reduce environmental contributions for five out of seven packaging materials. The CONAI consortium ensures that the national recycling targets set by Europe are achieved and operates as a subsidiary to the market: it steps in when the market has no interest in sending packaging to be recycled or is unable to do so. Therefore, variations in environmental contributions are heavily influenced by the market. However, when the market allows it, CONAI takes steps, along with supply chain consortia, to meet the needs of companies: this is what we are doing today with these CAC reductions.

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