Folding crates with steel tab locking system to insert in the slots.
Extremely easy to use, very sturdy and highly customisable.

Crates that can be assembled into independent panels and customised sizes.
The easiest way to assemble bulky packaging.

Folding wooden crates approved for shipping dangerous goods.
New approvals available for customised requirements.

Folding crates with quality raw materials for practical and sturdy packaging.
Extremely fast assembly.

Riveted folding crates with optional vertical reinforcements on the crate sides, short crate sides and on the lid.
To achieve maximum stackability with the highest level of customisation.

Reusable independent panel crates with quenched and galvanised hooks.
Maximum customisation.

A system of modular, reusable plywood folding collars that can be produced in any format.
Hard-wearing for daily use.

Wooden collar system of different heights with galvanised steel hinges.

Plywood panelled crates.
With internal and external wooden reinforcement structure.



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