The perfect crate

For us, packaging design and selection is the last stage in the customer’s production process. Drawing on more than 50 years of experience, we gather information and analyse all the features of the product to be packaged, data relating to the type of transport and storage, and related critical issues. We also take into account functions and possible risks, and we always offer the cheapest possible solution.

Analysis of requirements

  • Type of packaging required: primary, secondary or tertiary packaging
  • Single or combined functions: containing goods, protection, information
  • Dimensions, weight, type of object and material
  • Handling and storage modes and means of transport.


  • PHYSICAL: such as falls, shocks, lifting, slinging, compression, bending, rolling and vibration;
  • CLIMATE: such as water, humidity, heat, solar radiation, frost, oxidation, air pollution and pressure changes;
  • BIOLOGICAL: such as infestations and bacteria.


  • the materials used;
  • production processes;
  • any damage to the transported goods;
  • handling, storage and transport;
  • packaging recovery/recycling.

Our aim is to ensure that the goods to be delivered to the customer are well protected

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Protective packaging

Packaging is meant to protect products to avoid breakage and deterioration due to handling, transport and weather conditions. If such protection is partial or ineffective, the user/customer is likely to make complaints, return the goods and request new shipments. Therefore, unsuitable packaging leads to substantial economic losses that can be avoided.

Specific packaging requirements are the main focus of our customised service, which includes delivery and after-sales.

Design and implementation process:


Scalable levels of customisation for standard and custom crates

  • Packaging designer: customised packaging design
  • Logo and text printing: once packaging is produced, the customer’s trademarks and graphics can be printed on it.
  • Slide frames and supports for housing materials: stabilisation of goods
  • Handles/closures that make it easier to handle the packaging and improve its safety

When designing your packaging, we can advise you and help you determine what your packaging needs are and prepare the relevant data sheet to ensure goods are shipped and stored as safely as possible.

just in time

Less waste and costs for you

For many years now, we have been offering the Just in Time service, which allows you, our customers, to benefit from multiple advantages through optimised management, which translates into less waste and lower costs:

  • reduced storage costs: we produce only the necessary amount, which means less goods are handled and kept in stock
  • reduced risk of obsolescence or that products will not be used. By working with minimum stock levels, products are less likely to become obsolescent
  • Increased ability to respond to market fluctuations.


5 or 7 laboratory tests

Packaging is meant to protect products from many risks that can be simulated in the laboratory in order to test the capacity of the product and, therefore, its validity. These tests include drop and impact, static and dynamic compression, vibration with or without load, and different weather conditions. Our company philosophy is based on supplying quality products and services, which is why all of our standard crates undergo the five tests listed here.

Products can undergo additional tests upon request: