Crate for transporting dangerous goods

finished e-un crate

e-un crate exploded view

Assembly instructions printed on the inside of the lid

inner volume

Inner volume with vermiculite

Inner volume filled with vermiculite

Inner closure

Upper e-un hooks

6 models permanently in stock

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E-un crates are folding crates made of plywood and are UN 4D and 4DV approved for shipping dangerous goods in accordance with ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG and ICAO/IATA regulations. Our UN 4D and 4DV crates can be closed without straps, nails, screws or other additional systems. Depending on the type of approval that will be used (4D or 4DV), preparation conditions must be respected as indicated in the test report.

The E-un UN 4D and 4DV crates are in accordance with ISPM 15.