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For 20 years in its original Emiliana Imballaggi crate, Ducati triples its value

As Corriere Motori writes: ‘A collector’s item, especially a limited edition, is desirable to many people. And if it is still in its original packaging, it can be successfully auctioned off. This is the case of a Ducati MH900e, which was kept in its shipping packaging for 20 years and was sold a few weeks ago for $45,000 (…)’

The ‘original packaging’

The ‘original packaging’ we are talking about is an Emiliana Imballaggi crate, which we made 20 years ago for the 2,000 motorbikes produced by this prestigious company based in Borgo Panigale.

Naturally, our 6 mm thick custom folding crate was custom branded with the trademark, serial number and all information requested by Ducati. We also provided the support structure that was used to keep the motorbikes stable inside.

From Bologna to the United States

And so, in 2002, this MH900 Evoluzione number 875 was shipped from Bologna to New Jersey and then to a dealership in Maryland, where it remained until a few weeks ago when it was sold on an auction site for a whopping $45,000 (approximately €44,000). Three times the 2002 list price of 15,000 euros!

How the Ducati MH900e was born

In designing it, the designer Pierre Terblan drew inspiration from the 900SS that won the 1978 Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man, driven by the legendary Mike Hailwood. It has a classic sport style, weighs only 186 kg, has a 904 cc air-cooled two-valve engine with 74 hp, etc.

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