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New E-SIX crate to celebrate our 50th anniversary

The new E-SIX custom crate by Emiliana Imballaggi is now available, with sizes up to 2400 x 1500 x 1400 mm! It is designed for containing and transporting bulky goods and has a special feature that makes it strategically important when it comes to simplifying packaging operations: the six walls (2 short crate sides, 2 crate sides, the pallet and the lid) can be assembled individually, and therefore in the required order and, especially, by moving around the product without having to lift the crates or goods with a forklift. 6 mm plywood, tabs that fit into slots to allow all walls to be safely attached. A new packaging concept that targets the needs of companies and takes care of the last major task for them: delivering their goods undamaged to their customers! Technical info (link to website page)