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Guaranteed Mobility Project

Emiliana Imballaggi has always had a strong connection with the local area. Throughout these five decades in the business, we have always expressed our sense of belonging by engaging in dialogue with institutions, bodies, and sports and voluntary associations, with the common goal of actively contributing to the community’s well-being, and especially to the well-being of those who are most vulnerable or disadvantaged.

Emiliana Imballaggi recently helped purchase a vehicle to be used to transport elderly people as part of the ‘MOBILITA’ GARANTITA’ (i.e. guaranteed mobility) project for several municipalities in the province of Reggio Emilia, including Campagnola Emilia, Fabbrico, Rio Saliceto, Rolo and San Martino in Rio. To ensure that the normal everyday life of those who are most vulnerable is not impaired by motor disabilities that frequently result in isolation and withdrawal from social life.