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E-Six and foreign buyers: Emiliana Imballaggi at IPACK-IMA

The fact that this edition was the most successful one ever and attracted around 69,000 visitors – more than twice as many as the last edition – was also something we were able to see, since we had a large number of people at our stand. Another thing that helped draw the attention of visitors was that the stand was clearly visible from a distance: a very large wooden box, monochrome and with a minimalist design, and inside it is an extremely functional exhibition route. Here, visitors had the chance to have a good look at export products and examine their features and quality. The E-Six, the latest addition to our range, was met with much interest as it is very easy to assemble, especially for bulky goods, and the four side panels can be assembled individually.

We were also delighted to have many foreign buyers come to our stand, which proves that our investments in foreign markets, particularly in Europe, where our sales network is already present, have been worthwhile.

When talking to our customers and visitors, we also received many requests for clarification on the recently introduced regulations for shipping to the USA. We were glad to offer preliminary advice during the trade fair and, naturally, we are always available to discuss matters further if anyone wishes to contact us.

At IPACK-IMA we also gathered a huge amount of information and input on industry developments and trends. The journey towards sustainability – also with regard to packaging processing, product assortment and, of course, the safety of goods – that we have embarked on through extensive planning over the last few years is turning out to be very much in tune with today’s market.