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Folding collars system

Project Description


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→ Folding modular system
→ Handy and light materials
→ Stacking capacity up to 4 tons
→ 4 or 6 galvanized steel hinges
→ Equippable
→ Dividing inner partitions , handles , side ridges
→ Customizable with customer’s graphics
→ Standard sizes

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Viko is a system of folding collars, which are modular and reusable. The bands are made of phenolic plywood 12 mm thick, assembled with 4/6 galvanized steel hinges. According to the transport and storage needs, the height of the container can be easily changed thus facilitating the operations. The standard Viko heights are 200, 300, 400 and 500 mm. The width and depth sizes fit perfectly those of EUR/EPAL pallets.

Technical details and bottom panels:

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