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Flexible construction for a modular system

Project Description

Pallet Collar


icona e-box
→ Flexible construction for a modular system
→ Light and handling materials
→ Fits EPAL Pallet
→ Reusable
→ 175 lt capacity each module
→ Galvanized steel hinges
→ According to international phytosanitary norm ISPM-15 FAO
→ Standard sizes always on stock

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Pallet Collar is a system of modular collars of different heights, each equipped with galvanized steel hinges. Folding strips in dried wood 20 mm thick and 200 mm high, can be stacked and mounted on pallets. Practical and easy to assemble the collars allow you to build boxes of the desired height and to close them with a choice of 6 or 9 mm plywood lid with galvanized steel corners or OSB with internal strips. The width and depth dimensions fits the EPAL pallet 1200 × 800 mm.

Technical details and bottom panels

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