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Crates made of single hook-fixed panels

Project Description

icona e-box
→ Rapid assembly
→ Lower weight with same internal volume
→ Closing without nails or staples
→ High capacity resistance
→ Customized with logos and company names
→ Compliant with ISPM-15 FAO phyto-sanitary regulations

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E-six is a customized plywood crate, suitable for transport of all kind of products by sea, air and on road. It is composed of six single walls, which can be matched in desired order, enabling the assembly in several ways, even around its load content, especially if the product is heavyset or high.

E-six is strength due to the quality of the used materials and the crate sides made in 6mm plywood, which gives it a high degree of resistance to the various stresses that the crate undergoes during the transportation phase. The lid and bottom frames are 0,80mm thick. These frames have holes that, when fitted to the tabs on the sides, make the assembly and fixing operation much simpler.

Technical details and bottom panels

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