Emiliana Imballaggi receives the CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY

A certificate just released by the most authoritative and well-known European business information agency, CRIBIS D&B confirm the commercial
solidity of Emiliana Imballaggi. The title of CRIBIS Prime Company is recognized only to companies with the highest level of reliability of commercial relations. It is based on the correctness payments to suppliers in a given time frame.
Our company has been thoroughly and accurately analyzed through numerous indicators and variables, including financial statement ratios, payment experiences, the presence of prejudicial information, personal data as the legal form, the geographical area, the size and seniority of the company. We are delighted to have obtained this recognition that rewards business management that we have always practiced and in which we identify ourselves. Management at 360 degrees, built not only on the product excellence, but on numerous best practices including fairness in B2B relationships.