E-UN new crate for hazardous goods

E-un are new crates for the transport of hazardous goods. The range of product of Emiliana Imballaggi is extended with dedicated models.

E-UN is homologated 4D and 4DV suitable for transport by: road ADR, rail RID, inland navigation ADN, sea IMDG, air IATA. All the 6 sizes are always on stock.

Main features

E-UN are foldable and plywood crates, there is no needs for extra straps, nails, screws, staples or other supplementary systems, and are compliant with ISPM-15 FAO.

E-un (ONU 4DV) are suitable for the shipment of solid or liquid materials of packing groups I, II, III.

For more information see the leaflet E-UN